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"Somehow this tasted even better than it looked Seared mahi mahi, green beans, asparagus, and broiled cheesy bread First day of prep has been awesome so far! Feeling motivated and determined PS: Road trip/condo tour vlog has been posted and today I am vlogging all about my decision to compete and details of my prep. That will be posted in the next couple days! Link to my YouTube channel is in my bio❤️" Photo taken by @marie.wold on Instagram

Oh... I am going to try this. I have to bundles of fresh asparagus from my bountiful basket contribution!

Chicken & Asparagus Penne

Oh... I am going to try this. I have to bundles of fresh asparagus from my bountiful basket contribution!

15 Awesome Ways to Eat Asparagus

Roasted Asparagus and Garlic Penne

This recipe is going to be on my Thanksgiving table for sure. Easy side dish that I know all my guest are going to love. Cheesy Corn Casserole.

Asparagus, red potatoes, and garlic. Healthy and super easy side dish. Looks like on the recipe, cook the potatoes and garlic for a bit on their own then add the asparagus, to avoid overcooking..I love crunchy asparagus, so that would be my recommendation..that way Daniel can pick out the greens too. :)

Lemony asparagus & prosciutto ricotta farfalle

A perfect pasta dish for spring. Lemony asparagus & prosciutto ricotta farfalle by Scrummy Lane

Roasted Parmesan Green Beans

Roasted green beans with olive oil and fresh parmesan. My Review: served these with sausage and potato casserole and they were wonderful! Because I was baking a casserole at 350 degrees, did not cook at 425 for 15 min, but rather, cooked for 30 mins at 350. Turned out perfect!

Top 10 Fat-Burning Meal Ideas

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Surinam Food! Chicken with fried cassava, bami goreng, fried fish and asparagus beans. Hmmm

Broad Beans with Dill Butter

This is one of my go-to spring recipes. While asparagus, morels, and ramps tend to get all the attention, broad (fava) beans languish in obscurity, a shame given their grassy flavor, hearty texture, and the distinction of being one of the few beans we eat fresh out of the pod. They also have the fortune of playing quite well with dill.