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⚠️‼️‼️‼️‼️ so just wanted to share with you lovelies about smth that happened today- sorry for sounding annoying and bratty but I just HAD to get it off my chest. || so one of my good friend- J's birthday is coming up and she LOVES FOOD(understatement!!!!!!!) which is great because I never have to worry about looking like a pig beside her hahaha and she always always eats with me whenever- it's so relaxing to eat with her. So a group of us wanted to treat her to a buffet lunch which I'm ...

Beautiful cafe dates with mumsy! It makes me so happy that there are so many organic/vegan/raw cafes out there now! It makes it just that little but easier to eat at a restaurant, knowing that what is going into your body, is fueling it in the right way! #Padgram

Todays shopping..fuck anorexia #nutridrink #nutricia #alotofcalories!!! #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovering #recovery #from #anorexia #recovering #stay #strong #honey #you #can #do #it #Padgram

My mind killed me the whole first part of the day. Couldn't stop crying. The doctor came for a talk, and everything felts pretty much darker("as we see it right now, we can hold you here uppto 10 days before a new conclusion." And so on.) I was so mad and uppsed, didn't felt like they did understand anything. Later -my pshycologist came visiting me, and she REALLY helped me to see things on a little brighter way. She also understands ME, and it felts so good. Going to talk to a new…

F-E-A-R-F-O-O-D yes hello all my amazing followers GUESS WHAT ! i'm actually having a ristorante pizza this is one of the biggest pizza fearfoods for me after pizza hut

Having a coke in the sun☀ I told my therapist that I ate 100 grams of chocolate yesterday, although it was sugarless so I become still as proud of me every time. but her response was not the best, it just gave me anxiety. "It's not so good, just because it's sugar-free, it is not healthy" Well... Thank you so much.. Time to change job I think or am I wrong? #Padgram

People ask me almost everyday where i have bought my belly button piercing so i answer all of you now, it's from a piercing studio here in my city in sweden. I'm so tired of it haha. have had it for more than 2 years now.. but i do love it! ☺ #Padgram

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