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You might be everything I have ever wanted, but you're not what God wants me to have. It gets tricky when they say they believe in God and you start to fall for them only to find out their god is Allah, not the Trinity. :(

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How comforting that is for all who love Jehovah deeply from the heart! For those ‘loving Jehovah’s law,’ no stumbling block exists that can permanently knock them out of the race for life.—Ps. 119:165

Mans best friend - Isn't always a dog! : ) Can't wait to do this in Jehovah God's new system paradise!

DO YOU SEE THE BROTHER WITH THE ACCORDIAN AND THE LADY NEXT TO HIM I know them personally! They are sooooo nice!!

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Take a firm stand for the truth!

A quote from Almighty God. JEHOVAH.

A LENDA DO BEIJA.FLOR. Era uma vez uma floresta encantada, onde todos os animais viviam em paz. Ao amanhecer de um certo dia, todos o...

Hilarious GIF - more hilarious when you start and no one follows.