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" [1994] *rewinds tape with a pencil* [2016] *gets angry when accidentally closes the music app*"

Actually I have done this With food too of course Can't forget the food

I love Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. He's such a wonderful actor, and he's done a beautiful job with the role in spite of the crappy writing they've given him to work with for some of his episodes. He still manages to be The Doctor through it all. I hope he gets to have nothing but wonderful writing from now on. But, either way, I know I'll be very sad to see him go whenever they have The Doctor regenerate.

"I use sarcasm and jokes to cover up the fact that I'm lonely and have bad anxiety about mostly everything."

Ok I actually have a cannon about this running joke

Believe in God and he will make it true. Keep that vision and faith and never loose them. More