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Explora Para Amanhã, Quer Uma e outros!

Quer uma sugestão de look super chic com vestido jeans para amanhã? Olha só a proposta que a gente trouxe para você!

this outfit is everything for fall!!!!!

20 terrifying two-sentence horror stories that will make you hold your breath. Especially #6! | Just something (creative)

superwholockey: tanzanator: bookworm-for-life: Limits of the Human Body by Soda Pop Avenue I am a writer I say as I reblog this i am...

I'd like to think I actually habe enough motivation for this

de Skinny Mom

Tread to Shred: 5 Treadmill Workouts You Need To Try

So doing this

This kid who sat next to me in class had his phone volume one and the text tone was a dalek saying "exterminate!" Needless to say that when it went off in the middle of class I jumped out of my chair so fast that it tipped over and I was sitting on a different table across the room before anyone could blink! Looking around I was relieved that 2 other people had reacted the same way! <----- Wow.

de Skinny Mom

12 Clean Eating Tips

Looking for a workout routine to challenge you and help you get a ripped & fit physique? Find one that will work for you here! More


A 3 Day Detox Diet

not trying to detox but these look good!

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How are your New Year resolutions going?

This Year: