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A painting series called "Cultural Resiliance: We Still Exist". The series is about exploring our roots and the way we look at ourselves, the ways in which our indigenous culture has survived. It is in our cooking, our mannerisms, our language, our beliefs in the ways we embrace our elders and children. We never left, we are not an extinct people. Look into our eyes do you see 1491? We are still here and we maintain and create culture everyday"

✯ When Grandfather Speaks :: Artist Alfredo Rodriguez ✯

"" Photo taken by @bobblackcrow on Instagram, pinned via the InstaPin iOS App! (03/29/2015)

The Taino Indians Native Americans of the Caribbean The Taino Indians: Native Americans of the Caribbean. "Who are the Tainos? The U.S. Government says they are extinct, but they are not. Most likely you might know them as Latinos, a Spanish speaking person of Latin American (the Spanish speaking part of the Americas, south of the U.S.) descent. Not all, but many modern day Tainos are unaware of their lineage. To understand how that could happen you must know the story from the beginning.

White Wolf: Elders talk about the significance of long hair in Native American Cultures (Videos)

Coping Bank---Healthy Alternatives for times of stress, emotional hardships, etc.

10 Ways to Embrace Change

10 Ways to Embrace Change | Blindsided by a job loss, the author learned that the unfamiliar isn’t to be feared: It can be a chance to turn your life around.

Navajo - Native American

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