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Explora Segunda Guerra Mundial, Eugene W Smith e outros!

Fotografia: Alguns fotógrafos extrangeiros Eugene Smith, leading lines

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Casal de foto histórica do fim da Segunda Guerra se revê após 67 anos

A famosa foto do casal ficou eternizada (Foto: Reprodução/Life). Foram identificados!

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Mom's 18-Point iPhone Rules for Son

I hope the right thing pinned! It's 18 rules for a mom's 13 year old son who wanted an Iphone. Great rules!

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Neocolonialism,Me & Noam Chomsky

Click to buy The Red Badge of Courage Z-Guide for your High Schooler to study the movie and the Civil War. $12.99 for CD or PDF. #Zeezok Publishing

The Cold War was a prolonged period of tension between the the Western World democracies, led by the USA and the communist Eastern Europe, led by the Soviet Union. The two leading countries, known as "superpowers," fought indirectly through proxy wars, the arms race, and the space race.

Lo que ocurrió en la Segunda Guerra Mundial - para mas chistes: Click aqui

D-Day by the Numbers - A fascinating and sobering look at the realities of the D-Day invasion

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9 Haunting Then-And-Now Photos Of World War II Europe

Dutch historian Jo Teuwisse creates these images by combining digitized photo negatives from the war with painstakingly framed photos of the same locations as they are today.