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Terra oca? Cientistas finalmente confirmam: Há outro oceano debaixo da terra! ~ Sempre Questione - Últimas noticias, Ufologia, Nova Ordem Mundial, Ciência, Religião e mais.

Google earth reveals strange Antarctic entrances – evidence of secret gov. area base?

Field of Storms - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time.

COVERT SCIENCE-EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG-Perhaps the most intriguing photo purporting to show the North Polar opening into the Hollow Earth, this one taken by the American space station Skylab in 1974—but not released to public view until 2006, and then only because it was leaked to the Internet. This one is so crystal clear it even seems to show sunlight from the so-called ‘central sun’ emanating from within. Once again, from NASA: ‘No comment.’ “Hoax or Smoking Gun? 1880-2008."

Map of the supercontinent Pangaea of the triassic period [534x800] - Imgur