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Fazenda Quati / Abaeté MG

Fazenda Quati

Fazenda Quati, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

"[...]. I was delighted that the finish was a lovely "in person" as it looked online. The subtle warm bronze goes so well with our existing bedroom hardware. How great there will be no need to polish the durable surface - just a regular dusting is all it takes to keep it looking spiffy:)" - Lanykins17

Wesley Allen Iron Bed "Quati". Choice of 21 antique finishes. XL twin sale price 498.00. Headboard 53.5" high, footboard 36" high. Rising trundle in regular twin only, sale price 278.00.

Don't know what they are, but very cute. #cuteanimals

Opossum in a Tree by Mel Diotte #animals

How to get rid of coyotes, skunks, raccons the humane way

I love their noses! Coatis are like pig-badgers!

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