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Celtic Wheel of the Year of the People Twice each season, the Celts are a ritual called Sabbat. In such rituals, they worship two deities: the Great Mother, or simply the "Goddess", which symbolizes the earth itself, and the Horned God, The King Stag, protector of animals, livestock and wildlife.

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Irish Gods and Goddesses List and Descriptions

Anu (pronounced an-oo) is the Celtic Mother Goddess, Dawn Mother, and Goddess of death and the dead. Anu is the goddess of cattle, health, fertility, prosperity, and comfort. She sometimes formed a trinity with Badb and Macha as the flowering fertility aspect of the maiden. Anu is also called Ana, Annan, Danu, or Don, and later called St Anne. She is the wife of the sun god Belenos, and is the ancestor of all the gods. Anu watered the first oak tree, Bile, giving life to the earth, and then…

Celtic knot - Celtic knots have no beginning or end, reminding of the timeless nature of our spirit.

The Beltane celebration honored life over death and celebrated the rebirth of the world. Above all, it was a fertility festival, a symbolic union of the God and Goddess, of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. A young virgin, often dressed in white with a crown of flowers, was chosen to be the Queen of the May. Her consort went by many names, including the Green Man, the May Groom, the May King, and Jack-of-the-Green, often dressed in green and decorated with leaves.

Celtic SADV: Deer Goddess, associated with forests, the doe and fawn, she is one of the most ancient of the Celt Goddesses.

"The ancient Celtic ritual calendar and zodiac of thirteen lunar months was associated with thirteen sacred trees, and these tree signs for the basis for the Celtic astrological system. Each tree has its own dryad or tree spirit which, according to the Druids, was created by the first rays of the Sun that reached the Earth."

The White Stag in Celtic Tradition is an indicator that the Otherworld is near. [Susan Seddon Boulet]

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Goddess Art Mórríghan Celtic Art Nouveau Raven Goddess Art 11x14 Print

Mórríghan - "Mórríghan" - A print from the original painting by Emily Balivet, 2010. Mórríghan ~ The Irish Goddess of fertility, war, and death would often appear on battlefields in the form of a crow or raven and would consume the dead. Her name means "Great Queen."

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The Morrigan Celtic Goddess

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