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I find that life is easier when you praise yourself more than you criticize yourself. Try saying this to yourself a few times a day and see how you feel. I actually get more done when I cheer myself on! #inspiringmama

I love this!! Shame and guilt are not good motivators. When I stopped railing on myself all the time and started cheering myself on, everything shifted. I got more productive and more importantly enjoyed the process. When you stop being so mean to yourself , you enjoy more of your life. #inspirationoftheday

When you step out of your comfort zone, fear and self doubt can creep up. Here is something that has been helping me! #inspiredby #inspiringmama

It's not about fixing yourself. Happiness is about accepting yourself and enjoying the ride.

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What is your #motivation to eat right? Or #exercise? Do it out of love for yourself not out of the quest to avoid shame. This changed everything for me! Visit @theinspiringmama to get more free happiness advice on the Inspiring Mama #podcast

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Make a point to hug someone you love every morning! It's a simple way to lower your stress levels and boost your happiness brain chemicals. Kissing also lowers cortisol levels. And did you know that sex helps you fight off the cold and flu! You're welcome... #happiness #inspirationoftheday

I have found that it is hard to just stop negative thoughts. It's much easier to replace them with positive ones. Today try to find something that you can celebrate for yourself today!