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Explora Colin O'Donoghue, Murray India e outros!

Group of Yogis, approx 1880. Photo by Colin Murray. India.

Arts - Image -; "Group of Yogis," photographed around the 1880s by Colin Murray for the Bourne & Shepherd studio.

Group of Yogis Colin Murray for Bourne & Shepherd, ca. 1880s Albumen print, 22.2 x 29.2 cm Collection of Gloria Katz and Willard Huyck

A Visual History Of Yoga

Vishnu as the Cosmic Man (Vishvarupa) Opaque watercolour on paperJaipur, Rajasthanc. 1800-50The blue-skinned Hindu god Vishnu is shown with four arms, each holding one of his attributes: a conch shell, a lotus flower, a mace and his circular wand, called Sudarshana chakra (meaning ‘beautiful disc’). The small figures all over his body refer to his role as the Universal Man who encompasses all of creation: the Vishvarupa (literally ‘all forms’).

Photo from the book “Yoga for Americans” by Indra Devi, 1959.

Paramahansa Yogananda and Anandamayi ma. How beautiful!

Yoga: Mulabandha or root position. downward energy in the root chakra & upward-moving energy ln the heart chakra are reversed. Their union leads to the expansion of awareness. India

High Kick / Isabel Munoz

Stele Showing Shiva Bhairava North Central India, perhaps Rajasthan ca. 11th-12th century Sandstone -