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Civilizações alienígenas Superadvanced provavelmente não vivem em nossa vizinhança cósmica

Galaxies 'Coming of Age' in Cosmic Blobs (NASA, Chandra, 6/24/09)

Pallasite meteorites are a rare type that have large grains of peridot (olivine) mixed in with the surrounding iron. / Brenham, Kansas

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Baby stars are forming near the eastern rim of the cosmic cloud Perseus in this infrared image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. The baby stars are approximately three million years old and are shown as reddish-pink dots to the right of the image.

Imagem feita no Chile que mostra lacuna interna

Black Holes Have Simple Feeding Habits (NASA, Chandra, 6/18/08) by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, via Flickr

Australia - the dryness creates colours and textures that make the Outback immediately recognizable from space.

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