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Live And Learn: A Day In The Fitness Life Of Lindsey Renee - Live And Learn: A Day In The Fitness Life Of Lindsey Renee leg workout meal plan

If you already hate your body, or wish you were thinner, starving yourself. or trying to get an eating disorder is one of the dumbest things you can do-An eating disorder does not gaurantee weight loss-Some people get very thin and sick-but why do people think that looks good? Attempteing to starve yourself is going to make you sick and depressed first, and you may not lose any weight at all, but you will cause irreversible damage to your body and all your internal organs and bones by…

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The Surprising Benefits Of Mindful Eating

"The good news is that mindful eating can help binge eaters as well as many other eating issues. During the past 20 years, studies have found that mindful eating can help you to 1) reduce overeating and binge eating, 2) lose weight and reduce your body mass index (BMI), 3) cope with chronic eating problems such as anorexia and bulimia, and reduce anxious thoughts about food and your body and 4) improve the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes. Thus, it has many benefits!"

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this asana improves the flexibility of the spine, corrects alignment of the shoulders; relieves backache, gastritis, indigestion, acidity, flatulence; massages and tones the pelvic organs, corrects the effects of a sedentary lifestyle or faulty posture, assists treatment of neck sprains, reduces stiffness in the neck, shoulders and knees, strengthens the ankles and tones the ligaments of the arms and legs,The posture stimulates the nervous system

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Tim Robards performs gravity defying workout and gives dating advice

Tim Robards (do I need an excuse for pinning this photo? ;-)

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Dosha Test

Dosha Test Take the “Dosha Test” and learn what kind of foods and exercises that are best suited for you, in order to stay healthy. Are you Vata, Pitta or Kapha? In Ayurveda, there are three Doshas...

EXERCISE ANATOMY: Vrikshasana (Tree Pose). Benefits – brings balance and equilibrium to the mind, improves concentration, can help relieve symptoms of sciatica, strengthens the legs, opens the hips.