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Fertilização. Colorido micrografia eletrônica de varredura (SEM) de um espermatozóide (azul) a tentativa de penetrar um óvulo humano (laranja).

human egg (ovum) surrounded by sperm

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Pictured: The moment a human egg emerged from its ovary

human egg emerging from the ovary

Peçego Enrugado. Espécie: Rhodotus palmatus.

Immune system fighting a cancer cell. A killer T-lymphocyte (orange) inducing a cancer cell to undergo Programmed Cell Death.


Pequenas joias

Large white butterfly egg, Pieris brassicae, the yellow eggs of the large white butterfly are laid in clumps on the undersides of cabbage leaves (above) and brussels sprouts, photo: Martin Oeggerli

Middle ear bone. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of the human middle ear, showing the stapes (ring-shaped). The stapes is one of three bones (known as the ossicles) in the middle ear that conduct sound waves from the outer ear to the inner ear.

Floating colonial hydroid, lateral view

Blue mushroom [photo by: Trond Hynne]