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area de lazer com churrasqueira e piscina de fibra - Pesquisa Google

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Anybody recognize this from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? :) Mount Cangyan, Hebei, China

Kolob Canyon - Taylor creek - Utah


#geoubcsic Tracing the land use history and vegetation dynamics in the Mont Lozere (Massif Central, France) during the last 2000 years: The interdisciplinary study case of Countrasts peat bog. Vives, GS; Miras, Y; Riera, S; Julia, R; Allee, P; Orengo, H; Paradis-Grenouillet, S; Palet, JM. QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL V.353:123-139. [2014]. The Countrasts Bog (1400 m a.s.l.), located in the western part of the Mont Lozère medium mountain, has been the object of an interdisciplinary study…

Big Heart of Art - 1000 Visual Mashups A blended heart made from the art of 1000 Visual Mashups! - A celebration of the 1000th work of art being added to the Visual Mashups pool, and the hearts of 100 Visual Mashup artists! This image is a processed blend of some of the most "interesting" red hearts on flickr, then converted to a mosaic using almost every single one of the first 1000 images added to the Visual Mashups pool - from red and pink to black and white, from mosaics of…

Leaping lizards! High-speed video footage of leaping lizards supports a 40-year-old hypothesis about how theropod dinosaurs, like the velociraptors of Jurassic Park fame, adjusted the angle of their tails to stay stable when jumping.

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