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O fim da tradução PEQUIM – Pouca gente parece perceber que, bem francamente, a Bíblia desestimula as pessoas a estudarem outras línguas. A história da Torre de Babel informa que há uma única humanidade (os filhos de Deus), mas “as línguas são confusas”.

‘Inside Peking University’ is a collection of four critical and timeless essays by German cultural master and Confucian scholar Dr. Thorsten Pattberg of Peking University on the Chinese concepts of daxue, shengren, junzi, boshi, wenming, the Qingming Festival, and long (the Chinese dragon).

The shengren is the highest member in the East-Asian family-based value tradition, a sage that has the highest moral standards, called de, who applies the principles of ren, li, yi, zhi and xin (and 10 more), and connects between all the people as if they were, metaphorically speaking, his family.

BEIJING- China’s Foreign Language Press (FLP) is publishing a revised edition of The East-West dichotomy, a globalist text that has become one of the most widely read books in Asia Studies today, over 350,000 views. It deals with ideas on inherent pluralism, cultural diversity, geopolitics, the future global language, and the rise of China and East Asia.

Pattberg: "We have already annihilated China's spiritual shengren and the other archetypes. They are gone."

Tit for Tat for Tu Weiming in Vienna: Peking University’s Top New Confucianist Allies with United Nations to Promote Age of Dialogue

Your author recently asked a senior editor of the Peking University News department why they never continue Chinese vocabularies into their English news. She looked at him as if a cradle had broken. The idea to adopt Chinese ideas in global writing (rather than simply translating them) has apparently never occurred to Peking University journalists.

Zhang Changdong (张长东), Professor of Political Studies at Peking University, gave a talk on NGOs in Wudaokou’s famed Bridge Café - organized by ThinkINchina - to an audience of local and foreign students, expats, and professionals.

Few people realize that the Bible discourages people from studying foreign languages. The story of thetowerofBabelinforms us that there is one humanity (God’s one), only that “our languages are confused”. From a European historical perspective, that has always meant that, say, any German philosopher could know exactly what the Chinese people were thinking, only that he couldn’t understand them. So instead of learning the foreign language, he demanded a translation. [...]

Journey of Civilization is broadcast in Chinese language, but nicely subtitled in English, and thus very popular with foreigners in China too.