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Creative Book Reports :: Biography Posters (Let's Explore)

Creative Book Reports :: Biography Posters

How to meet Disney Villains at Walt Disney World

And roar.... if you know what i mean heheh>>> true but acotar characters do it too, don't lie

BALLS OF STEEL: The 'Magic Trick' to Selling a Screenplay

Teach a Growth Mindset! Being capable learners is not inborn. Our minds never stop learning. Believing in the ability to master new things is an important lesson.

So I recently received a request for a post that discusses how to write from a character's POV that is the opposite gender. I thought this was an important topic to cover, so I'll be doing it in tw...

Matchbook Chapter Summaries for Novel Studies. This project is so simple, and you can do it with any novel. This example is for Where the Red Fern Grows.

While I was reading this one book and one of the characters said something funny so right in the middle of a silent class I just start chuckling like a crazy person trying not to laugh out really loud