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darksilenceinsuburbia: “ Edson Chagas: Tipo Passe, 2014 ”

Edson Chagas

Edson Chagas considerado pelo "The Wall Street Journal" um dos cinco artistas africanos a observar http://angorussia.com/cultura/edson-chagas-considerado-pelo-the-wall-street-journal-um-dos-cinco-artistas-africanos-a-observar/

edson chagas

tribo Dinkas - Sudão - @InstitutoMP

©Edson Chagas. Courtesy STEVENSON Johannesburg and Cape Town.

blue hands in ceramic Evelyn Tannus

Astonishing pictures of 21st century pagan ritual garb from all over Europe | Dangerous Minds

40 nego bom - Jonathas de Andrade "Nego Bom" the name of a very popular candy in the Northeast of Brazil. In portuguese, "nego bom" means literally something like “good black”, and “nego” (male) or “nega” (female) is also a colloquial - usually warm - way people call each other, but linguistically it carries historical – also colonial and racist – connotations.

Edson Chagas: Tipo Passe, 2014

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