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Seu esforço tem sido imenso para ser infeliz, ao buscar a felicidade. Satsang com Mestre Gualberto

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Yoga and Breathing, Basic Guide

yoga| breathing | meditation

Who Has Time For Inner Peace? - www.yogalifedaily... #yogaquote #yoga #meditation

The spiritual path calls on us to heal old wounds, to feel our feelings instead of ignore them, to use meditation as a tool to investigate our inner world's. Download a powerful meditation for deep heart healing at

"May you be Safe. May you be Healthy. May you be Happy. May you live with Ease" Loving Kindness meditation


Why Choice Is the Way to Happiness

Deepak Chopra says that our choices are the most important factor that determine personal happiness. He reveals 18 choices that are the answer to how to be happy.

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Happy Fox Photograph by Roeselien Raimond

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Abraham-Hicks: 4 things we would do EVERY DAY if we were in your physical shoes.

Abraham-Hicks: 4 things we would do EVERY DAY if we were in your physical shoes.