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Ideas For A Calm And Happy Classroom

EASY ideas to implement, no matter what grade you are teaching! This blog post is great for new teachers or those who are working to improve their classroom environment.

I LOVE this classroom poster. So true! It looks great in the frame. I can buy this now to print and frame. Teachers LOVE IT!

If Your Class is Out of Control

If Your Class is Out of Control Helpful tips to keep your classroom in control.

Getting Ready for the Start of School, Part II: Why Some Teachers Have Smooth-Running Classrooms by Muriel Rand

My Center Rotation Routine

COOL trick for teaching your students the difference between talking and whispering. This is a great classroom management trick!

5 Tips for an Organized Classroom

5 Tips for an Organized Classroom and a way to NEVER sharpen pencils again! Plus, a FREE classroom jobs application.

Who’s in control of your classroom?

If your students think the answer is THEM, you might be doing something RIGHT. Recently on the playground, a child asked to get a drink and I overheard his friend mutter,

Classroom Management Concepts I Wish I Had Understood as a First-Year Teacher

Classroom Management Tips for First-Year Teachers

Teaching Maths with Meaning: 10 Steps to Setting Up Your Classroom For the New Year