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Uma vez que em nossa zona de crescimento tanto brócolis e couve-flor entrar de cabeça no tempo quente, nós amarrar as plantas de sombra da haste central. Isto resulta em mais firmes, mais densas cabeças.

Remove the side-shoots, or “suckers,” from my tomato vines, because they burden the plants with excess foliage. Too much lushness promotes the shady, wet conditions that lead to fungal diseases. Furthermore, plants with too many stems produce small-size fruit.

Cold Hardy Avocado,This Cold Hardy variety is the most popular variety because they are heavy producers... easily grown… and produce delicious fruit. If you grow your tree in a container, it will stay about 5-7 feet tall. Small enough to move indoors and big enough to give you a lot of fruit. Trees planted outdoors grow from 20-30 feet tall. A commercial orchard tree can produce 1,200 avocados annually.

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How to Harvest and Cure Onions #vegetable_gardening (My-FavThings)

How to Harvest and Cure Onions #vegetable_gardening

STINGING NETTLE: an eco fiber that is similar to linen but does not wrinkle as easily & is stronger than cotton. With modern fabric production, stinging nettle can be softer & more comfortable than linen. Unlike cotton, the whole stinging nettle plant (leaf & stem) can be used for fiber production. It can be grown in cold & harsh climates, with no pesticides & little watering. It was harvested widely for textile use before cotton production overtook it in the industrial revolution.

Vegetables to Grow in Shady Gardens


FLORES, na Primavera do Hemisfério Norte.

O rústico, as cores e as diferenças, perfeitamente casadas.

How to grow broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, collards, kohlrabi, and kale

Didnt know this - Growing peppers. Peppers hate nitrogen/commercial fertilizer. Wait until plants flower before fertilizing. Then spray leaves with 1 tsp of Epsom salt to 1qt of water (peppers need Magnesium to set fruit). Peppers also enjoy small amounts of potassium (wood ashes).