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Communic - History Reversed

While working with Big Duck on a rebrand for Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy, where she works as the Communications Manager, Megan Lenz had to figure out the most efficient and effective way to coordinate and integrate feedback from her colleagues. Having settled into a working system, Megan agreed to share some dos and don'ts for handling internal feedback during a rebrand.  Gathering feedback is one of the hardest but most important steps in a rebrand. When it comes to bran...

Lips – full lips are always best somehow. Thin lips belong on people who, um, may be a little stingy? Lips denote sensuality and communication. Round and full lips are on people who are caring, while a thin top lip in particular, is understood to denote a person who does not reciprocate much. The Chinese face reading system believes balanced full lips are lucky, while unbalanced is not. And of course, a full bottom lip at least allows a character to chew on it, denoting their nervousness.

Letter To My Husband: Year One Love Letter

A one word or a word of the year or focus word, as I call it, is just as it sounds – a word you focus on for a year. It acts like a target, the point you’re aiming for. It’s not so much about to-dos anymore, it’s more about lifestyle.

Gallery of Competition-Winning Design Proposes Wood Housing Addition to Fourth-Century Aqueduct in Istanbul - 5

Raucous laughter marked the guests in my father’s hospital room: Two old truck drivers, one former country/western singer, one craftsman, two women from neighboring farms, and me. &nbs…

A Unify nasce a partir do DNA de engenharia da Siemens Enterprise Communications, que é um dos principais clientes da agência desde 2006 A BEM+, agência especializada em Live Marketing, que já gerenciava os eventos para a Siemens Enterprise Communications, desde 2006, agora é a agência da Unify. De olho no crescimento do mercado de Continue lendo »

Gallery of Álvaro Siza Says ArchDaily's Building of the Year Award Provides “Strong Incentive” for Profession - 6

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