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Other than the fact that his name is Feliks(which is pronounced differently so good luck Poland) this is hilarious

I always wondered why anyone would paint Christ to look like a white man then found that one of the most infamous, cruel men in history, Cesare Borgia, became the "model" for all pictures of Christ! The Jewish people were driven out of Rome by Pope Alexander VI, also one of the most corrupt men in history & the father of Cesare Borgia. There wasn't one thing religious or holy about this family. Cesare was considered a very handsome man & all other pieces of art picturing Christ were…

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Happy Easter, Which is Not Named After Ishtar, Okay?

Easter origins...pagan ... made 'Christian' by Catholicism which is NOT true Christianity!

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Montclair, NJ

PETER KING, BSJ ’79, four-time Associated Press Sports Editors award winner who covers the NFL for Sports Illustrated. Peter King (born June 10, 1957 in Springfield, Massachusetts) is a sportswriter. He writes for Sports Illustrated, including the weekly multiple-page column Monday Morning Quarterback. He is the author of five books, including Inside the Helmet. He was named National Sportswriter of the Year for 2010.[1] --- Before coming to SI in 1989, King was a writer for The…

The most common theory about the earliest April Fools’ celebrations goes like this: In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII issued a papal bull decreeing a new standard calendar for Christian Europe that would take his name and centuries later become the standard internationally in the 21st century. Prior to the 15th century, Europe’s nations and city states operated using the Julian calendar. The Gregorian calendar moved the date of the new year from April 1 to January 1, among other changes. Catholic…

Alex Haley’s Fraudulent Roots: Haley was guilty of plagiarism, Haley agreed to an out of court settlement whereby he would pay Courlander $650,000 (roughly 2 million dollars in today’s terms).

I was named after this saint... I'm a "watchman." Pope Gregory the Great, one of the greatest popes in the history of the Church, consider himself the servant of all. He took special loving care of the poor and strangers. He was very sensitive to the injustices that others throughout the world endured. May we all discover the treasures that lie in store for us when we imitate (this saint) Christ in helping those that are less fortunate. [feast day - Sept 3]

Catholic religious tradition is intricately interwoven with pinecones, perhaps most prominently atop the sacred staff carried by the Pope himself. The Coat of Arms of the Holy See, found on the Vatican flag among other places, features a stacking of three crowns suspiciously similar in shape to a pinecone. The very name, “Holy See,” appears to many to be a direct reference to the Third Eye.

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