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Meu Look do Dia: Inner Spirit. Venham ver mais detalhes sobre esse look, acessem:

See this is what the botox face lift fake BS lovers don't get... This is the age of true unadulterated inner beauty shining through! I mean look at her she is Stunning!

"May I be at peace. May my heart remain open. May I awaken to the light of my own nature. May I be healed. May I be source of healing for all beings." Buddhist tradition

Get in the holiday spirit with the Let it Go Mug! I could totally make something like this.<br />%0D%0A<br />%0D%0A- Materials: Ceramic<br />%0D%0A- Made exclusively for Francesca's<br />%0D%0A- Imported

de Berry

Morning coffee (39 photos)

I wish more women would accept what God gave them. Comparing our body parts is pointless. It's like going in and asking my hairdresser for a cut that won't work on me. Be healthy and proportioned and focus on inner beauty. The aging process will be much easier if you do ;)

Mourning Dove - could be letting you know that you need to simply stop and take a few deep breaths. Let go of the turmoil that is currently surrounding you and find peace within you. Know that what you see right now is reality shifting in ways you never thought possible and that what you are truly looking for is just around the corner. The most chaos happens just before your dreams come true. ~ Carol Hermesh Dove Pigeon Power Animal Symbol Of Peace Love Maternity Gentleness Spirit…

Alex Paterson: "The implications of the Observer Effect are profound, because it means that before anything can manifest in the physical universe it must first be "observed" So, presumably observation cannot occur without the pre-existence of some sort of consciousness to do the observing. The Observer Effect clearly implies that the physical Universe is the direct result of a 'Consciousness'"

every night i hope that when i wake up i'll feel good about how i look but every day i wake up and feel the same - ugly and never ever good enough

de Valley Fly

Directional Kimono

boho kimono