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Como pintar o Hul com 2 cores, use 01 hidrocor verde limão no tom raios gama, e 1 pincel atômico preto! O efeito na mão dele foi acidental, é que molhou mesmo e ficou assim!!! :P

Fukushima Update ----- reliable, fact-based reporting about the Fukushima nuclear disaster situation

Unless it's Twilight. Then, it's just terrible all around.

3 Cost-Effective Ways to Increase Brand Awareness Whats your businesss biggest problem? Its not money. Its not your pricing. And its definitely not the economy. The answer is almost always obscurity. If I dont know you youve automatically lost my business. How can I buy your products invest in your company or fund your next venture if I dont know who you are? I guarantee it wont happen. If you want to grow your business you need to make attention your number one priority. Its why…

Nikola Tesla,Colorado Lab,Tesla Colorado,Transformer Developed,Power Transformer,Tesla Picture,Real Picture,Tesla S Elon,Photographer Dickenson According to a New England Koasek Abenaki about the Bad8gi (BAH-dohn-KEE): "I personally believe that the Thunderbird here in the East is based upon an ancient species of raptor, one that possessed a wingspan in excess of twenty feet.

Part 1-Glacier Girl. On July 15, 1942, a flight of six P-38s and two B-17 bombers, with a total of 25 crew members on board, took off from Presque Isle Air Base in Maine headed for the U.K. What followed was a harrowing and life-threatening landing of the entire squadron on a remote ice cap in Greenland. Miraculously, none of the crew was lost and they were all rescued and returned safely home after spending several days on the desolate ice. (P-38 National Association)

Pin-up queens! The REAL women behind saucy 1950s 'cheesecake' paintings

THE model photographs that inspired artist Gil Elvgren to paint his famous Fifties pin-up pictures of women with hourglass figures, innocent expressions and clothing in artful disarray...

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Pinterest is soon launching a way to search for products with your smartphone camera

Pinterest today has a new tool for finding things that you might want to buy — and they'll be things you see in the real world. | June 28, 2016 | Pinterest News