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S'endormir | To fall asleep | /sɑ.dɔʁ.miʁ/

Literal meaning: To fall in the apples. Introducing a new weekly rendez-vous on @frenchwords: idioms. French has a large collection of sayings that offer sage life advice while transmitting the underlying ideas principles and values of French culture and society.

Gant (masculine word) | Glove | /ɡɑ̃/

Soleil (masculine word) | Sun | /sɔ.lɛj/

Chapeau (masculine word) | Hat | /ʃa.po/


Tournesol (masculine word) | Sunflower | /tuʁ.nə.sɔl/

inspired by @shrinksdom Nature has a funny way of workingeverything happens in cycles. Summer dissolves into Fall freezing into Winter which warms into Spring climaxing into Summer again. The same is true for the cycles for each day; constantly changing from vibrant sunlight to the dark cold and back to warm sunlight again. So if youre ever in a situation where it feels like youre stuck in the darkremember the law of nature its always dark before it's bright; sometimes we need to hit rock…

Rouge à lèvres (masculine word) | Lipstick | /ʁu.ʒ‿a.lɛvʁ/

If you dont stand for something youll fall for...