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Jantat: Peito de peru assado com queijo. Parece pouco mas comi 2 pratos deste . Fim do 4 dia sem carboidratos e uma fome constante. Quero sair dessa o mais rápido possível mas só depois que sair dos 58 . #diet #dieta #alimentacaosaudavel #eatclean #foconadieta #dieta_treino #acreditabonita #ra #fit #fitness #fitfood #instafit #instafood #gymlife #fitlife #lovemydiet #vidafit #turkey #lowcarb #emagrecer #percapeso by amobrocolis


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WEBSTA @ masha_theone - What our days look like most of the time 🙌🏻 someone tell my husband we need one more of these monkeys , please 🐒🐒🐒

That's what Tessa looks like when she gets a bath

This chic little dining nook by @katiehackworth looks like the perfect combo of cozy casual and chic. Aaaand we have those chairs for less today on the blog too or #liketkit #CopyCatChic

Each October we have a little tradition where we go to visit a really good pumpkin patch called Farmer Copleys Farm in West Yorkshire. Last year when we went I looked like I'd smuggled a pumpkin up my jumper- I was in fact 7 months pregnant and so this year it was extra special to go back again with Little L. He absolutely loved it and I can't believe how grown up he seemed one year on from being the pumpkin up my jumper

1/3 [ Freaky Friday ] #dearGreatGrandchild it is October the month of Halloween. Many might not know but it started as a Western Christian celebration of the dead the faithful dead - like martyrs and saints and has been adopted by many as a day to dress up and the closer to looking like you stepped out of a horror film the better. This past week we had the #FreakShowCollection with @zangchocolate and @sohappyza and there we had a little taste of things to come.

Abobora assada LowCarb Ingredientes: 1 Abóbora moranga dentes de Alho amassados; Manteiga a gosto Sal, tomilho fresco, alecrim a gosto Azeite e xylitol a gosto Modo de Preparo: 1) Pré aqueça o forno à 180 ºC; 2) Lave a abóbora, o tomilho e o alecrim sob água corrente. Retire o excesso de água com papel toalha. 3) Em uma tábua, corte a abóbora em fatias, transfira para uma forma. 4) Acrescente um pouco de azeite e xylito a gosto , os dentes de alho amassados, s manteiga, o sal , as erv...

All the Husky puppies you could ever want in one Instagram account

#OnmeCallusRemoverFootFileScraper - What a Godsend! (Please read on how to use this.) Since I can remember (I'm 34) my heels have always been a lizard-like scaly mess because of living in flip flops and going barefoot while at home. I would get a pedicure about once every few months and would always have to pay extra for them to scrape the layers of dead skin off -- it was always embarrassing because the lady would show me the brown pile of gunk on her towel that came off my feet. My heels…

#Throwback to a shoot I did over 3 years ago in #LA with @noeldaganta Little back story to this I believe my son was only 18 months at the time and I was just finally starting to gain weight (I lost a very unhealthy amount of weight post pregnancy not on purpose). I was happy with the weight gain and felt I looked great physically but emotionally not even close. A lot can be hidden behind makeup hair and a Spraytan. I knew when to turn on the happy smile and do what I needed for the camera…