Explora Alemanha 1945, Guerra Em e outros!

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Vista do campo de deslocados-de-guerra em Zeilsheim. Zeilsheim, Alemanha, 1945.

Zeilsheim Displaced Persons' Camp

Anna Frank (1929-1945). Her famous diary chronicles the events of her life from June 1942 until 1944, during the II World War.

WW2: A homeless German woman sits in ruins in Koln (Cologne), 1945.

A recently-liberated Buchenwald Concentration Camp survivor, near Weimar, Germany, April - June 1945.

Jewish prisoners at the moment of their liberation from an internment camp "death train" near the Elbe in 1945.

Russian women and children recently liberated from a Nazi concentration camp lay flowers at the bodies of four dead American soldiers. Eyewitnesses reported the Americans were murdered by German officers after they had surrendered in Hilden, Germany. (1945)

Bergen-Belsen, Germany, Women Survivors Getting New Clothes, April 1945

Ordinary people. The courage to say no. The photo was taken in Hamburg in 1936, during the celebrations for the launch of a ship. In the crowed, one person refuses to raise his arm to give the Nazi salute. The man was August Landmesser. He had already been in trouble with the authorities, having been sentenced to two years hard labour for marrying a Jewish woman. We know little else about August Landmesser, except that he had two children. By pure chance, one of his children recognized he...

Some of the S.S. women whose brutality was equal to that of their male counterparts at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Bergen, Germany, on April 21, 1945.

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