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Meninos alemães lêem edição do jornal "Der Stuermer" afixado a um mural na entrada da sede do Partido Nazista na região de Dresden. O slogan alemão (parcialmente escondido), na parte inferior do mural diz, "Os judeus são a nossa desgraça."

German boys in SA Uniforms (1943)

Today in WW2 history 3/5/45 The 1st US Army reaches Köln (what's left of it). "The German is now licked. It is merely a question of when he chooses to quit." So said British Field Marshall 1st Viscount Alan Brooke to Eisenhower. The gamble in the Ardennes had failed. When American soldiers reached Cologne (Köln) they completely surprised the hastily trained German defenders. The city fell under American control in only two days.

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A German boy walks down a dirt road flanked by rows of victims of German extermination practices at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, 20 May 1945.

A map of what ultimately happened (after a six month delay) when operation Fall Gelb was finally instigated.

Boy Soldier 15-year-old German soldier crying when captured by allied forces, 1944

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Uma comovente coleção de fotografias icônicas dos últimos 100 anos que demonstra o coração partido da perda, o tremendo poder da lealdade e o triunfo do esp...

A teenager German gunner receives a pat down after surrendering to the US Army near Berlin, April 1945.

16-year-old Nazi boy soldier, Normandy 1944.