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The Shocking Pink Dragon Millipede(Desmoxytes purpurosea) is a spiny and toxic millipede named for its vivid pink color. The adult millipede is approximately 3cm long and lives in the open on leaf litter. The millipedes have glands that produce hydrogen cyanide to protect them from predators, a fact advertised by their aposematic color. Because they produce cyanide, they smell like almonds.

˚Armoured Millipede (Diplopoda>Polydesmida)

The British show called: 'Primeval'. On one of the first episodes, the monster is a giant Centipede... Jeepers! It looks Just like this on the show, except this one is real! Even more scary... They Bite! Two Bronze Medals!

Moulting Centipede by on @deviantART

Macro shot of a common house centipede by Dino Abatzidis, via Flickr

˚Amazon giant yellow legged centipede, Scolopendra v. viridicornis - Brazil