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Explora Rick Bayless, Tres Leches Bolo e outros!

NewTopolo dessert: deconstructed rhubarb tres leches cake with rosita de cacao ice cream.

Lychee mousse, raspberry sauce, lychee gel, and raspberry rose ice cream by @ingi3 #TheArtOfPlating

New Topolo 1931 menu: brandied ladyfingers w luxury pastry cream, infused pineapple, pineapple sorbet, xoconostle-mango Crema

Flan de Leche, Basil Ice Cream, Berries, Blueberry Coulis, Raspberry Foam, Basil Seed, White Chocolatre Powder by Pastry Chef Antonio Bachour, via Flickr

Chocolate-mesquite cakes,coconut atole ice crean, coco espuma, avocacado-honey pudding

For Tonight Party: Caramelia Valhrona Flexi Pliable Ganache, Milk Chocolate Hazenut Microwave Sponge Cake, Caramelized White Chocolate Powder, Caramelia Crocante, Mango Gel, Dulce de Leche Ice Cream by Pastry Chef Antonio Bachour, via Flickr

New Topolo Menu:Pre-Col Ingred+Modern Tech: venison, ancho-cacao sauce, pumpkinseed "risotto", fossilized squash

Wow - beautiful plate of food! I don't know whether I want to eat it or put it on my wall!

New china in Topolo (scallop ceviche amuse in kumquat w homade fermented hot sce). Tuesday: whole new menu format!

New Frontera desserts, feat stuff from my backyard:dark choc-concord grape "trifle," peach hand pie,lemon verbena Ice cream