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Razão Crítica: Muito além do espelho mágico

Tintin discovers Edward Said. | Tricycle (Snowy, however, remains an unrepentant colonialist)

Edward Said (1935 – 2003) Follow this link for a brief clip and analysis that compliments Said's landmark book, "Orientalism":

Exercise - Burn and Crash cartoon by Kevin Moore

"I'd like to thank Google, Wikipedia, and copy & paste" [follow this link for an short clip and argument on the need to reform public education:]

Cartoonist Kevin Moore takes a look at how we kill in War in this American Sniper related cartoon.

Personally, I believe Speaker Boehner only intention is to to lead this country to the crapper... Cartoon by Kevin Moore.

Durkheimian sociology vs. Weberian sociology [follow these links to find a bundle of clips related to these two classic social theorists: and] Artist: Artist: Kevin Moore (

Emile Durkheim [follow this link to find a bundle of clips, which are useful for elucidating the many ideas of Emile Durkheim:] Artist: Kevin Moore (Find more of Kevin Moore's work at

Pin-up checking bank references... Cartoon by andertoons.