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Razão Crítica: Matemática e a sociedade

reason to be #vegan you only see the finished product. #Bacon.

Cognitive dissonance go #vegan #truth live according to your values don't hide…

This is a very powerful illustration. The excess consumption of "wealthy" countries leaves many victims in it's wake. Namely the starving, poor people of the world and the animals. When we stop contributing to these heinous, greedy companies that care nothing for our health or for the health of the planet, but only for their own profits, the world will be a much better place.

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YEP , this says it all !Tommy Kane's Art Blog: Vegan

McGarbage McDonalds McDeath McSick

"Pals. Apetecible "|? Dana Ellyn

Actress Jessica Williams delivers a flawless response to street harassment

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