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Perspectiva geométrica l por peacay, a través de Flickr

Geometric Perspective The images below (background spot-cleaned) come from a rather obscure 16th century anonymous paper manuscript containing sketches of geometric solids. The illustrations have been cropped from the slightly larger full-page layouts.

.golden ratio

Vintage Human Anatomy, Heart, "L'anatomie Humaine" Print 8x10 P246

2014 lunar calendar: interesting formation... I wonder if the small spike at the top occurs because our calender has changed. I wonder if we mapped out the lunar calender based on the old orthodox, or Chinese calender would it be different. If it is not then what does that little spike signify?

On Quaternions and Octonions, by John Conway and Derek Smith

William H. Fox Talbot, 1839

Platonic solids

Dot by Julien Vallee

Geometric shapes

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