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Graffitis on legs at Junya Watanabe

The Anjali Mudra. . Anjali in Sanksrit, has different meanings. These meanings may be for offering, a gesture of reverence, salutation. This particular term means to honor or to celebrate. The Namaskara or the Anjali Mudra is usually taken as the mudra of gesture of offering and devotion. It is also a gesture of prayer with the palms folded together. The Namaskara / Anjali mudra is also the gesture of greeting, prayer and adoration.

No way Landon's feet would fit, but definitely his hand!

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Why Would I Put Essential Oils on My Feet?

Applying essential oils on to the feet is an excellent method to reap EO benefits, large pores allowing for fast absorption, diy protective blend recipe is perfect for feet application.


Apple Cider Vinegar Cured Me of Excruciating Arthritis in TWO Weeks

Arthritis is a condition that can cause chronic pain and inflammation, as well as stiffness of the fingers, toes, knees, hands, hips, jaw, and other joints in the body.

Reflexologia das mãos

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Stretches. One pinner said: This looks fun. Hope I don't die trying this lol This pinner says: I am so going to die trying this.