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Beautiful said by @before5am by thinkgrowprosper

Bem assim mesmo

#Insecurities - Google+

Crude but humorous version of "let it go"... credit given for clever rhyme!

I regret not travelling as much. was the top answer for when Robin Esrock asked over 1000 people in several different countries What do you regret the most? You see travel is a magical adventure! You get to experience something new everyday you learn new cultures new habits you gain experience that a movie nor a book can teach you get to witness you get creative Ideas you expand adapt and think in ways you never thought. Travel makes our lives fulfilled! You learn things you never thought...

Being nearly good enough is not enough being nearly the best is not good enough if you want to be remembered you must do something that you put all your heart in and NEVER GIVE UP no matter how much you fail keep going! As because being nearly good enough is not good enough in todays world! You must also never give up.Simply keep going! As giving up being nearly good enough will not get you success that you seek!KEEP GOING!Tell a girl She's Beautiful A Million Times AND SHE'LL NEVER BELIEVE…

Desiring nothing less than God's Kingdom come. Seeking in all things to do the advance of His Kingdom. Know no values but spiritual values. No profit but of Spiritual gain. Seek in all things the Kingdom of God first and His Righteousness, and everything else will be given to you...

Inspirational meme

Be patient with yourself! Don't compare your journey to anyone else's. You are walking your own path. If you invest the time and effort into your business and consistently apply the basics to building your empire you will see it grow. Slow and steady Boss Gal! Slow and Steady! --------- TAG A BOSS GAL --------- #bossgalsinstilettos #wordstoliveby #qotd #quoteoftheday #mommylife #wifelife #lifequotes #naturalhair #wordoftheday #motivationalspeaker #lessonslearned #lifelessons #success…

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