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Appeal to Authority

Appeal to Inappropriate Authority

Equivocation Flaw

Tom Emmer is a congressional candidate. He has no authority over what company to go with for remodeling. Though he might be an authority in some fields, he has shown no expertise or qualifications for being an authority on home remodeling. Therefore, the logical fallacy her is not only Appeal to Authority, but also Appeal to Irrelevant Authority.

Stephen Colbert uses an appeal to emotion, inferring that if Steve Carell doesn't agree with the outlawing of hurricanes, then he hates children. This could also be seen as an ad hominem attack because Steve's position is against outlawing hurricanes, and Stephen is insinuating that Steve hates children, so his position is wrong. Steve Carell is equivocating the word "outlaw."

Yes it is appeal to inappropriate authority. Someone with a PHD in Truthology from Christian Tech is not the correct authority to look towards in deciding whether the theory of evolution is valid.

Appeal to Authority Flaw: This is where someone calls upon an expert or heeds an expert's advice to validate an argument or position. Nominally, Dr. Dre is a "doctor." But, he is not a medical doctor with a degree. The mere status of a person cannot be the only evidence you call upon to substantiate your conclusion.

Ad Hominem Flaw: Obama is not attacking the argument, but rather the person who made the argument.

The flaw here is appeal to emotion. Mr. Lynch uses examples meant to conjure fear but these examples have nothing to do with the issue at hand.

He distorts the point at issue and he also attacks the source as opposed to addressing the issue at hand.

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