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A beleza inspiradora das mulheres Mucubais; por Thaís Muniz e Shai Andrade…

A beleza inspiradora das mulheres Mucubais; por Thaís Muniz e Shai Andrade. Modelo: Luma Nascimento (Bahia, Brasil).

Arco Filha de Iemanjá | Can Can Acessórios

American ceramic artist and painter Toshiko Takaezu: "You are not an artist simply because you paint or sculpt or make pots that cannot be used. An artist is a poet in his or her own medium. And when an artist produces a good piece, that work has mystery, an unsaid quality; it is alive."

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10 perfis de belas mulheres negras no Instagram que vão te inspirar

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Ceramic artist Beatrice Wood worked on a potter's wheel every day until she was 103. Wood said "My life is full of mistakes. They're like pebbles that make a good road."

These Claire Partington Hoops Sculptures

Steatopygous female figure, ca. 4500–4000 B.C.; Final Neolithic Cycladic Marble. This figure, now missing its head, is a masterful example of a rare type known as steatopygous, characterized by a fleshy abdomen and massive thighs and buttocks, all undoubtedly indicative of nourishment and fertility. In contrast, the figure's upper torso is flat in profile with the arms typically framing V-shaped, pendant breasts.

Cristina Córdova, working inside one of her ceramic sculptures.