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Inspire-se na chuva de cores, contrastes e informação de moda que alguns estilistas apostaram na temporada de verão 2016

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sewing galaxy: Lady Skater Dress - Das ultimative Jersey-Kleid! Kate Malaysia 2012

Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate takes minimalist to the next level. Nowadays, people type without even looking at their keyboards, so, DasKeyboard decided to remove the label from the keyboard keys.

Top 40 Hobbies for Women | The Ultimate Hobbies List @GirlterestMag

Inspirational Video - "The Value of Time"

When most people dream about the ultimate vacation destination, we can pretty much guarantee you that sleeping inside a sewage pipe doesn’t top the list. That didn’t stop designer Andreas Strauss from creating a hotel made entirely of just that – giant old sewage pipes. Crowned the Das Park Hotel, this eco-friendly destination is located in Ottensheim, Austria, and was assembled back in 2004. Each 6.5-foot in diameter pipe features wall paintings by Austrian artist Thomas Latzel Ochoa, and…

Volkswagen Drive

20 Years Later—The Celebrity Cast Of Sitcom Hit The Nanny, Where Are They Now? Lauren Lane

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