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The Most Beautiful Animals You've Never Heard Of

As a celebration of the opening of our new resocialization building for primates, the caregivers made special 'monkey cupcakes' for our animals! Baboon Yrjo really enjoyed his..

Many studies have shown that rats exhibit empathy and social behavior. In one, scientists trapped a rat in a tight plastic tube and observed as its free cagemate, distressed by the trapped rat's panicked squirming, maneuvered the latch to free it. But many critics attributed the free rat's behavior to a need for companionship, not sensitivity to a fellow rodent's distress. (Rats get lonely too, you know.) But a new study published in Animal Cognition (the somewhat awkwardly titled "Rats…

Animal Tracks: May 19-25- slideshow - slide - 13 - TODAY.com

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Oleg Dou - 3D Digital Art (Webneel Daily Graphics Inspiration 528)

oh my god are these monkeys?!~

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