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Explora Campeonato Wargreymon, Digimon e outros!

There's a whole glob of awesome going on here but the best part? Tai WITH goggles ON. :)

Digimon Adventure, WarGreymon

Digimon: Wargreymon by on @DeviantArt

Digimon Adventure - The Eight DigiDestined and their Digimon: Joe and Zudomon, Izzy (Koushiro) and Megakabuterimon, Mimi and Lillymon, Sora and Garudamon, Kari (Hikari) and Angewomon, Tai (Taichi) and Wargreymon, Matt (Yamato) and Metalgarurumon, T.K. (Takeru) and MagnaAngemon (HolyAngemon)

Digimon - this is one of the only pictures Iv'e seen where a giant t-rex looking creature has it jaws next to a human head that that is cute rather than scary.