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tatuagens masculinas pequenas - Pesquisa Google

WRIST TATTOO - Pesquisa do Google

Roman Numeral tattoo. Put a special date in roman numerals to remember it forever.

“Because when people haven’t always been there for me, music has.” | 26 Inspiring Tattoos All Music Lovers Will Appreciate

Hamsa tattoo. Hamsa is important in both Arabic ("Hand of Fatima") and Hebrew ("Hand of Miriam"). A goddess symbol, the eye- or vulva-in-hand shape is an ancient protective symbol, warding off the evil eye. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mboiqtALhU1qed55zo1_500.jpg

Unique take on a rose tattoo Rose- to remind me of The Little Prince Triangle- a point for each member of my family!

roses #forearm #arm #tattoos

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