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Pois se a vida é Minha Eu tenho o Direito de vive-la

Free yourself from unhappiness

Holy shit. Ton of bricks.-Eckhart Tolle-

This quote is something I can imagine Kate saying to the men who say they would not dare to marry her. This is because in the play it is revealed that she does not care that she has no suitors. Kate is not interested in changing her ways to please a man or anyone for that matter. She is head strong and is not looking to alter her personality for anything or anyone.

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Maybe we feel empty because we leave pieces of us in everything we used to love.

My Four Moods ... too old, too tired, too sober, and I don't have time for this shit! Deal with it. Ha Ha Ha, too funny

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I sweeaaar! @DREbadass like you're just as old as me, and know right from wrong, too

Oh my gosh, at the end!! I am laughing so hard right now!...