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Rainbow flight of beer. Let's do this. #gigasavvy

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Work — Mali Fischer Illustration

Para as fêmeas arrasarem laços Inspired Burberry.

Coleiras com aplicações de pérolas e cristais, luxo para as fêmeas arrasarem!

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Pedra de Guaratiba

NALLA DA PEDRA DE GUARATIBA Fêmea tricolor de isabela! Filhotes: Facebook: http://pt-br.facebook/canilpedradeguaratiba Instagram: #canilpedradeguaratiba #canilpedradeguaratibafoxpaulistinha #canilpedradeguaratibaterrierbrasileiro #foxpaulistinha #terrierbrasileiro #foxpaulistinhacanilpedradeguaratiba #terrierbrasileirocanilpedradeguaratiba

Her drawings are all amazing

"You have a cycle where you bleed in tune with the moon. It is the cycle responsible for all human life on earth. It is the cycle that connects you to your creativity and to the very essence of the tide coming in, the tide going out, the seasons, the sap going into the roots and then rising up, and we have been taught for 5,000 years to be ashamed of that cycle." - Art: Sacred Yoni Flower