23 Gorgeous Hairstyle Ideas and Tutorials that can be done in 10 minutes love the hair pictured.

trança frontal com coque

Fabulous Step By Step Hair Tutorials

Fabulous Step By Step Hair Tutorials

penteado de festa madrinha ou formanda - semi preso com trança

Retro Ponytail Updos, more specifically stylish ponytails. They allow you to prolong your blowout which equals healthier hair and less work on your end. Win/Win. The retro ponytail is definitely having its 15 minutes right now. In order to achieve the look you’ll need: Day/2 Day old hair Teasing comb Ponytail holder Bobby pins Hairspray Once you brush out your hair do the following: Take the top section of your hair, and tease it at t

penteado nem preso nem solto

Marilyn Monroe Style

rose gold

DIY-boda-peinados-para-el pelo largo

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