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love will always be a lesson let's get out of it's way

People who criticize and put others down are judgmental and hypocrites. People who try to point out your flaws or weaknesses in a very negative way are insecure and they put others down to lift themselves up and feel better. The things they criticize you for, are really their own weaknesses. They "mirror" or project their own insecurities onto others. Confident people don't go around trying to hurt others. They lift them up.....

O fato é que a pessoa não vê como os seus desejos serão revelados no estado…

Chega uma hora em que você tem de deixar pra lá o que teria acontecido e viver o que está acontecendo ( my translation)

Things money can't buy: manners, morals, respect, character, common sense, trust, patience, class, integrity, love.

I always try to choose my words carefully. You can never completely remove the pain you may cause someone for a temporary emotion. Take time to look from a different perspective.

If you want to find the real competition, just look in the mirror. After awhile you'll see your rivals scrambling for second place. #motivationalPage

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