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a few pride ghosts!! happy halloween!! technically,, (click the pictures for the orientation definitions!) - mod

Why I'm staying here, I need the be the successful, kind, smart, generous lesbian I was afraid to be when I was younger

No. Every woman DOES NOT NEED TO VOTE. Every woman WHO HAS EDUCATED HERSELF ON THE ISSUES needs to vote. There is a difference. If you haven't taken the time to educate yourself, I beg you to stay home.

If anyone tells you otherwise, you have permission to stab them-I'll get you out of it somehow

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They Are Humans Just Like Us! Nobody abandons their home and drags their family thousands of miles, often risking their lives in the process, just because they want an easy ride on benefits or to steal your job. They are fleeing war, persecution, poverty & now sickness in the shantytowns they are being forced to live in. Don't blame them, help them!