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Lawlessness by KeiYAH via slideshare

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TO BE PART of the NATION of YHWH, You MUST......... by KeiYAH via slideshare

Converting to the Nation of Y’ishra’al (YHWH) by KeiYAH via slideshare

CALLED to BE the NATION of Y'SRA'AL by Keiyah ben Yâ-hwuah via slideshare

PASSOVER CHART (2015) for the NATION OF Y'ISHRA'AL according to SCRIPTURE (31/1/4/2015) by KeiYAH via slideshare

on-that-day-all-nations-will-seek-to-surround-yahrushalom by K J Prothero via Slideshare

The Olive Tree is the Commonwealth of Y’ISRA’AL, because Gentiles who have been attached (grafted in) to the Olive Tree owe allegiance to Y’Isra’al Book of Instruction (the Scriptures),( both old and new covenants), for it is built upon the prophets and disciples of Aluahiym Ya-hwuah , and his word Yâhuwshúa’HaMaschiYach

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