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Explora Bienal De Veneza, Os Trabalhos e outros!

P.Tendercool Likes: Wim Botha 2 – Venice Bienale 2013 Love the work of Wim Botha Here at the Venice Bienale 2013 He hacks, cuts and sculpts in books More of his work here: #PTENDERCOOLLIKES #WIMBOTHA #VENICEBIENALE2013 #BOOKLOGGER #WHATANORIGINALMIND Photo By Pieter Compernol

Traveling Work & Saw Bench - by JayT @ ~ woodworking community

P. Tendercool Likes CALDER in the Peggy guggenheim collection Great to see so many masterpieces in one location Photo by Pieter Compernol Venice 2013 #PTENDERCOOL #LIKES #PASSITRISTEVENIZE #CALDER #GOINGMOBILE #OLDSKOOL #PEGGYGUGGENHEIM Photo By: Pieter Compernol Venice 2013

Ganhe espaço com a mesa de centro

Work of art. Wished it was mine.. Next on my todo list....

P. Tendercool Likes Olivetti showroom entrance by Carlo SCARPA 1957-58 If you are interested in iconic shop interiors this one is a MUST visit when in Venice. Located smack on San Marco but easily overlooked with all the surrounding splendor. More info here: #PTENDERCOOL #LIKES #PASSITRISTEVENIZE #CarloSCARPA #ICONICSHOPINTERIOR #SANMARCO #ART #EXIBITION #MESEUM #INTERESTING ##SOURCE #INSTALLATION #PERSPECTIVE #POV #LOOK Photo By: Pieter Compernol Venice 2013

Daan Botlek is a black sheep in the field of art. Even though he is famous for his wide and impressively achieved wall paintings it wouldn’t do justice to label him as a street artist as his body of works is diverse, complex and becomes meaningful only when considered as a whole. From miniature drawings to huge wall paintings Botlek’s mysterious and fascinating imagination is immediately recognizable. #bukruk #bukrukfestival #bukruk2016 #daanbotlek #ptendercool #ptgallery

How to bend wood the best way!

Log Bowl Large Aqua

This would be such an awesome project! would probably use clear varnish instead of paint though to let the rings show through.

Air-Drying Lumber

Air-Drying Lumber It’s the low-cost, low-tech way to dry lumber. Here’s how to do it right. By Dave Munkittrick Want a truly cheap and easy way to dry lumber? Consider air drying. It’s the most economical method for removing water from wood, and when done properly, you’ll end up with perfect lumber. Although air-drying is inexpensive and easy,be aware of these drawbacks: It’s slow. Depending on the species and your …